State Polytechnic of Jember is a university that organizes vocational education, ie education programs that lead to teaching and learning process at the level of expertise, skills and competencies specific standards in accordance with labor market needs and stakeholders, as well as having self-reliance in science and technology-based work and entrepreneurship gained.

State Polytechnic of Jember, formerly the Polytechnic of Jember State Farm is the only Polytechnic State Farm is there on the island of Java. Founded in 1988 with funding assistance from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) consultants ENAREC-Australia/New Zealand consortium, with teaching facilities from abroad and faculty graduates from top universities who have received additional professional education for 2 years both within and abroad, the State Polytechnic of Jember used as a reference process of professional education at the national level.
Like other Higher education, State Polytechnic of Jember has three programs are known as the Tri Dharma University,:


State Polytechnic of Jember focusing on vocational education in agribusiness / agro-industry, D3 level or Assistant Associate Expert with 3 year old education and lab work load as much as twice the load theory (60% practice and 40% theory). With this model, then the State Polytechnic of Jember graduates have the skills (skills) are ready to work in the field of study or courses of study. In addition, these graduates have the ability to independently entrepreneurship, coupled with the ability to communicate with a foreign language (English) and familiar in the use of computers in the field of study. Thus, a graduate of Polytechnic of Jember expected to compete both nationally and internationally.

Community Services

As a dedication to community agencies, State Polytechnic of Jember has a lot to help the Central and Local Government in the construction program, as well as small and medium entrepreneurs in the effort to improve the capacity and quality of production including production management and marketing as well as the process of acquiring capital credit facility. Research

State Polytechnic of Jember not cease conduct research, especially applied research in agriculture / agribusiness / agro-industry. The research was developed based on community needs institutionalized (government agencies, state-owned companies, private companies and the public on an individual basis), where the research has been widely implemented by the institutionalized society.

The History of The Organization

Polytechnic of Jember (POLIJE) formerly known as Agricultural Polytechnic University of Jember, began construction in 1987 through Decree of the Directorate General of Higher Education Number: 43/DIKTI/KEP/1987 September 1, 1987 regarding appointment of Polytechnic Education Development Responsible Agriculture. Furthermore, educational activities began in 1988 through the Directorate General of Higher Education Decree Number: 219/D/T/1988 dated October 29, 1988, with three majors and five courses, the Department of Food Crops with Plant Food Culture Studies Program, Department of Plant Cultivation Plantations with Plantation Crops Program, and Department of Agricultural Technology Program of Food Technology and Nutrition Study, Study Program of Agricultural Mechanization and Building, and Agricultural Water Governance Studies Program.

Acceptance of the academic year 1988/1989 the first students in January 1989 some 174 students, and academic activities began on February 14, 1989. In 1997, Polytechnic
Agricultural University of Jember gain independence based on the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture No.: 234/O/1998 September 21, 1998 and Decree of the Senate University of Jember Number: 5919 / PT32.H / E 1997 dated October 1, 1997 on the Independence of the Polytechnic, and renamed Agriculture State Polytechnic of Jember.

In 2002 the Polytechnic of Jember State Farm turns into POLIJE accordance with the Decree of the Minister of National Education No. 191/O/2002 November 5, 2002. Vision, Mission State Polytechnic of Jember In order to realize the policy, then formulated a vision as a reference in the development of the institution.

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